What You Need to Know Before Installing a New Deck

If you’re thinking of installing a new deck, there is a lot that you are going to need to think about. Just to start, you will want to figure out what size deck you’ll want, select materials, and come up with a budget.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help get the ball rolling on your next deck project. So keep on reading and we’ll walk you through everything that you’re going to want to know when it comes to building a new deck.

The Function and Purpose of the Deck

If you really want to take full advantage of those lovely Virginia summers, then you may want to install a deck to truly help you enjoy outdoor living.

First and foremost, figure out how would like to use your deck. After you have a vision for its purpose and function, it will be a lot easier to design it.

For example, you might want an outdoor deck for outdoor dining, entertaining guests, a spa or pool surround, or just for some outdoor privacy. A lot of people also like having outdoor decks as a way to do some container gardening close to the house. 

The Deck’s Location

There are times when it is obvious where a deck should be installed but there are other times where there are multiple options. If this is the case for you, then you’ll want the function of the deck to help you determine the area where it should be installed. 

Ideally, you will have easy access to the deck from your house. It should create privacy from your neighbors while maximizing scenic views.

Consider how the sun will hit the deck and even what the wind patterns are like. It’s also important that you scale the deck to fit the size of your property.

Your Budget for Building a Deck

How much you’re willing to spend on your deck will determine its materials, design, and size. Add in labor and permits if you are going to have it designed and installed by a professional.

You should also consider any additional features that you might have on your deck. This can include lights, built-in seats, railings, and flower boxes. 

Know Deck Material Options

Wood isn’t the only available decking material out there. There are other materials on the market that can help you build your deck that will require less maintenance than wood. 

For example, you could also go with metal or plastic. 

Pressure-treated woods that contain preservatives for weather resistance are well-liked for their traditional looks. These include redwood, cedar, and pine.

Premium hardwoods, such as Brazilian species, ipe, and teak, are very durable.

While composite decking materials made out of recycled plastics and wood fibers can be easy to maintain, they are also more expensive than wood.

Plastic planks and PVC hold up well to inclement weather and don’t rot. However, they are expensive and can feel spongy when you walk on them. They also tend to get very hot in the summer.

Aluminum decking is expensive but is great for wet locations because it is slip-resistant. 

Consider the Style of the Deck

The style of the deck will be determined by how your house is designed. Your deck shouldn’t compete with your home’s design but complement it instead. 

For example, a curved or round deck with intricately carved railings might appear to be out of place on some homes but can work perfectly with others. You should follow the architecture, proportions, and lines of your home, so that you get a seamless and natural extension of your house. 

Use Deck Lighting

There are a lot of different deck lighting ideas that you can consider. The right lighting can give your deck a romantic or festive ambiance while also making it safer. The types of fixtures and the amount of lighting will affect the budget and design of your new deck.

Some popular lighting options are recessed step lights, overhead lights, path lights, and landscape spotlights. 

Remember Privacy

You won’t always find the perfect spot for your deck. Sometimes, you’ll have to settle for an area that’s not as private as you want.

If your deck can be easily seen by your neighbors, you should think about adding a privacy screen. You can use plantings as a living privacy fence or build a screen into your deck. 

Know the Building Codes

Before you start building, you need to make sure that you are aware of all of the legal procedures and building codes in your community with regards to building a deck. You might even need to get the design approved by the town.

State and city laws vary greatly, so make sure to do your homework before you start installing anything. This is another great reason to hire a professional. 

Professional deck builders and designers are well aware of all of the local regulations and codes and can take care of the logistics for you. This will help you know how long building your deck can take.

The Importance of Knowing What to Consider Before Installing a New Deck

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of what you should consider before you install a new deck. While it might be a lot of work, it’s important that you are well prepared so that you can build the perfect deck for your home.

Are you looking for help from experienced professionals with building your new deck? If so, contact us today and see what we can do for you!

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