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Outdoor Fire Features for Your Backyard in Northern Virginia

If you’re looking for ways to get more use out of your backyard, adding functional and beautiful features to the space is the first step in the transformation process. To help you spend more time outside when the days get colder, have you considered adding outdoor fire features to your backyard? Our installers here at Sunburst Construction would be more than happy to help you build a fire pit that perfectly fits your space so you get more enjoyment out of your yard.

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Outdoor Fire Features

No matter the size of your backyard, there’s an outdoor fire feature that will work for your needs. As one of the leading outdoor living companies in Northern Virginia, we specialize in helping homeowners create backyards that they truly love. 

When you hire us, we’ll take the time to sit down with you, look at your existing space, and come up with a design plan that fits your needs. We install a number of different fire pit styles so there’s sure to be something you love. 

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Sunburst Construction, Inc. in Ashburn, VA is the professional home contractor that will transform your home with a fresh and exciting new look, while taking into account the most efficient and economical process to complete your remodeling needs. From deck building to porch building or Trex Decking and Rails to fireplace installation or gazebo building, we have the experience and expertise to help you come up with a well-planned, professional design, and bring your vision to life.

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Benefits of Adding a Fire Pit to Your Backyard in Northern Virginia

If you’re not sure whether an outdoor fire feature is the right choice for your backyard, we’re here to help. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of having a fire pit on your deck or in your yard.Get an outdoor fire feature like this circular gas fire pit in Northern VA

It adds ambiance: A fire pit can help you create a nice, cozy vibe in your backyard. 

It’s cost-effective: Depending on the type of fire pit you choose, this is a relatively low-cost project that can have a big impact. 

It helps you get more use out of your yard: The warmth from a fire pit can help you spend more time in your backyard, even when the weather cools down

It adds more light to your space: Let your backyard gatherings last well into the night with the extra light from a fire pit. 

Different Types of Fire Pits Available to You

When planning your outdoor fire features, you can choose between four different options: propane fire pits, natural gas fire pits, wood-burning fire pits, and gel fuel fire pits. Here’s a quick look at each of them: 

  • Propane fire pits: This is a versatile option that doesn’t leave messy ashes around your backyard. However, keep in mind that as propane costs fluctuate, they can be expensive to refill. 
  • Natural gas fire pits: While this type also uses gas, you won’t have to refill a tank as it connects directly to a natural gas line. While the initial cost is higher, they cost less over time since you never have to refill them. 
  • Wood-burning fire pits: Reminiscent of a campfire, the crackling wood of this type of fire pit is authentic and ideal for cooking s’mores, hot dogs, and more. 
  • Gel fuel fire pits: This option uses an alcohol-based gel to run, which doesn’t put off any smoke. However, it offers less heat output than other options. 

The Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Fire Pit

Before you choose an outdoor fire feature for your backyard, here are the most important things to consider: Sunburst Construction offers outdoor fire features like this outdoor fireplace in Northern VA

  • Wood-burning laws in your area
  • Whether you want to build an in-ground or above-ground fire pit
  • Where you want to install it
  • How you plan to use it (for heat, to cook food, etc.)
  • Whether you want it to be permanent or portable

Our experts are here to help you talk through these considerations and install the right fire pit for your needs. 

Why Choose Sunburst Construction?

Don’t settle for less than the best when upgrading your backyard space. Sunburst Construction has more than 25 years of experience helping homeowners like you create a backyard oasis for the right price. By hiring us, you’ll get the best products and materials installed by talented contractors. 

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FAQs About Outdoor Fire Features

Who should install my fire pit?

You should only trust a licensed contractor to install your fire pit, especially if you choose a natural gas option. This ensures that local codes and gas safety requirements are met during installation. 

Are outdoor fire features safe?

Yes, as long as you practice fire pit safety tips, you should feel safe having one in your backyard.  

Outdoor Fire Features

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