Pool Design

Professional Pool Installation 

Pool Design & Installation Services

Are you thinking about installing a pool on your property? Sunburst Construction has excellent services in the design and installation of custom pools for your home.

Our experts can help you design a pool that will look and feel perfect for your home. Our custom pools are optimized to best fit your backyard, making your space more efficient and fun. Whether you’re looking for a square pool, a lagoon style pool, or any other shape we can consult with you to come up with the perfect design. Once you are happy with the design of your custom pool, we will come and install it for you.

Pool Maintenance

Is your pool in need of an overhaul? We can completely rehab an old pool that’s in need of maintenance. We can also help with installing additional features like pool accent lighting or automatic covers.

Unique Features

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a sauna in the backyard? We can help your pool related dreams become reality, with unique features like natural and sheer descent water features and custom spas. We even offer our customers 3D design concepts to help visualize their awesome new backyard scene.

Contact Us

For information on our custom pool design services, give us a call at 703-406-0914 or head over to the contact page to get in touch with us or request an estimate.