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The majority of homeowners turn dull spaces into fun entertainment areas by pursuing beneficial construction services. Similarly, whether you want to cook, drink or simply enjoy the outdoors of your home, you should consider upgrading or updating your property. Consider some of the home construction projects that you can do with the help of a professional if you need it.


Maintaining your deck in good condition is essential. Not only to keep the value of your home but also to maintain a place that will help you make more memories with your family and friends. In order to accomplish this, you will need to hire professionals to construct your deck. You can depend on Sunburst Construction in Great Falls, VA to help you design and construct a backyard that is inviting, relaxing, and weather-resistant.

Our Services in Great Falls, VA

Deck Design

Our team of professionals will help you start or improve your deck, no matter what your needs are. Sunburst Construction has built custom decks for customers in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC for over 25 years. Our decks not only enhance your home experience but bring a lot of great value to your house as well. The decking material we use is Trex, which allows homeowners to enjoy their deck without worries. Trex decking blocks moisture, insects, and UV rays from damaging the foundation.

To our customers in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, we are proud to provide only the finest materials and professional decking services. A professional deck constructor from our company will help you realize your dream deck to complement your home. Your backyard oasis will surely become the highlight of your weekends with friends and family.


A deck that squeaks or cracks when many people walk on its foundation may require new wood or a complete reconstruction. Your deck was probably installed years ago and needs repairs, so you may want to consider redecking. Well, you can relax now!

Our redecking services in Great Falls, VA provide our clients with an affordable way to update the appearance and increase the durability of your old deck. Because of our experience, you can be sure that the quality of our services is both compelling and cost-effective.

Pool Design

You can do so many things with your backyard besides the conventional patio and porch. A New Falls, VA home pool will provide your whole family with the best safety and sanitation, as well as endless hours of family and friend fun!

Sunburst Construction offers a wide range of services in the swimming pool industry, including construction, repairs, renovations, and upgrades. Our pools come in varying designs that can satisfy any need.

Patio Design

A patio is a great place to relax on your property. In addition to increasing your enjoyment of the outdoors, a patio built in New Falls, VA will also improve the overall aesthetic appearance of your home.

When you need a patio installed or upgraded, Sunburst Construction is here to help. The patio builders from Sunburst Construction use dense pavers that serve as a stable foundation for chairs, sofas, benches, grills, and more. Since 2004, our patio builders and designers have been providing patio construction services in New Falls, VA, and the surrounding areas throughout Northern Virginia. From design to construction, you can be sure that not only will we create a beautiful space for you, but we will also ensure that it will withstand all types of weather conditions.

Porch Design

We can provide quality porch designs for your home that fit your budget. We will work with you to design a porch that is the best fit for your home, whether it is a front porch or a back porch.

For over 25 years, Sunburst Construction has designed porches and outdoor structures for homes in Leesburg, VA. We design every porch addition to match your home's style, so it will look the way you want it to. As part of our competitive price, we provide concept drawings and design plans for constructing the projects we design. In addition to showing beauty, our porch projects are functional and require little maintenance.
No matter what your needs are or what your idea is, our designers will create a plan that fits your needs while blending in with your home.

Retaining Wall

Using retaining walls, you can grow plants in various zones around your porch, deck, or patio. The majority of them are made out of timber, boulders, rocks, or concrete. It is a good idea to add retaining walls to the outside of your New Falls house to enhance its aesthetic appeal and allow you to see more of your plants.

Outdoor Kitchen

We all want to be outside when the weather is nice, so why not build an outdoor kitchen? Outdoor kitchens are ideal for those who enjoy holding outdoor gatherings with family and friends. In a kitchen like this, a grill, stove, cabinets, and counters could be installed.

Sunburst Construction can build an outdoor kitchen, grilling station, or bar for you whether it is simple or complex. We can transform the plain space outside your house into a family-friendly outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Bar

You can't beat spending time with your friends outside your house sipping your favorite drink. Why not turn your backyard into an outdoor bar if you have extra space? It will be a great addition to your New Falls, VA home's outdoor kitchen.

Should you make an outdoor bar, your guests will have plenty of choices if you try to incorporate everything. Adding everything sounds daunting, but fear not. You can contact Sunburst Construction for additional outdoor bar ideas. Our licensed contractors can thoroughly help you design and build your dream outdoor bar at an affordable price. Get in touch with us today and let's begin the process of realizing your dream property.