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Do you feel like you don’t have quite enough room in your home? Consider building an addition to your space. Our experts at Sunburst Construction specialize in building beautiful sunrooms for local homeowners, helping them to create more functional spaces for their families. If you want to add a sunroom to your home, we’d love to chat with you about your ideas!

We are here to answer any questions you have about the sunroom-building process and to give you a free estimate for your project. When you’re ready to learn more, please call us at 703-406-0914 or contact us online.


We feel lucky here in Northern Virginia to get so many sunny days each year. By adding a sunroom to your home, you can invite more of that sunshine inside. Whether you want a bright and sunny space to read your favorite books or you want to create a room that’s perfect for all your houseplants, a sunroom can be the perfect addition to your home.

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Sunburst Construction, Inc. in Ashburn, VA is the professional home contractor that will transform your home with a fresh and exciting new look, while taking into account the most efficient and economical process to complete your remodeling needs. From deck building to porch building or Trex Decking and Rails to fireplace installation or gazebo building, we have the experience and expertise to help you come up with a well-planned, professional design, and bring your vision to life.

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Different Types of Sunrooms

If you’re thinking about adding a sunroom to your home, the first decision you need to make is which type of sunroom you want. There are three main types of sunrooms available, which we’ll explore below. 

Sunburst Construction specializes in building three season and four season sunrooms in and around Sterling, VA

Three-Season Sunrooms

Three-season sunrooms generally don’t have central AC or heating, so they might not always be comfortable to use throughout the year. They are also not insulated against heat or cold. Before choosing this type of sunroom, think about how often you plan to use your new sunroom. 

Sunburst Construction specializes in building four-season sunrooms in Sterling, VA

Four-Season Sunroom

If you want to use your sunroom no matter what the weather is like outside, a four-season sunroom might be a better option for your needs. This option does include insulation against cold and heat as well as central heating and AC so you can stay comfortable no matter what. 

Sunburst Construction specializes in building solarium sunrooms in Sterling, VA


Another option is a solarium, which is distinctive because it includes a glass roof to let even more sunshine inside. Like a four-season sunroom, a solarium is also climate-controlled. 

Benefits of Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

As you decide whether adding a sunroom is the right choice for your family, consider some of the benefits of these unique rooms. 

  • They add an air of luxury: A beautiful, glass-filled sunroom is an eye-catching feature that can instantly make your whole home feel more luxurious. 
  • They can boost your home value: Sunrooms make your home look and feel bigger, which can be attractive to prospective buyers. 
  • They can help improve your mood: If you feel better just by seeing the sun, you might notice that spending time in your sunroom can boost your mood every day. 
  • They give you extra space: Do you feel cramped in your current space? Adding a sunroom to your home can give you the extra space you need. 

Different Ways to Use a SunroomSunburst Construction specializes in building sunrooms in Sterling, VA - 4

One of our favorite things about building sunrooms for our customers is that they are unique spaces that can be used in almost any way. Here is some inspiration on how you might use your new sunroom:

  • Create a reading nook with comfortable couches and cozy blankets
  • Turn it into a space for entertaining with a table, bar area, etc. 
  • Use it as a home office complete with plenty of natural light
  • Turn it into a hobby room or craft space
  • Use it as an extra bedroom when you have houseguests

Why Choose Sunburst Construction?

Our expert installers are known for creating beautiful outdoor living spaces, but we do plenty of inside work as well. With more than 25 years of experience helping Northern Virginia homeowners, we are here to make the sunroom-building process an easy and stress-free experience. 

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality work to our customers and we’d love the chance to help you create a new sunroom you’ll love. 

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When you’re ready to add a sunroom to your home, don’t hesitate to contact our installers. To get started, please call 703-406-0914 or contact us online.

FAQs About Sunrooms

Will I need a permit for my sunroom installation?

Yes, most sunroom additions require a permit. We will take care of the permitting for you when you hire us for your sunroom project. 

What kind of glass should I use in my sunroom?

We recommend using insulated double-paned glass for your sunroom, which can help keep your heating and cooling costs lower. Another energy-efficient option is to use tinted glass in your sunroom to help protect your furniture from UV damage.


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