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Outdoor Grill Station
Next choose a size: Small grill station with enough space for a grill. Medium grill station with enough space for a grill and 1 or 2 other appliances like a refrigerator or an ice bin. Large grill station area with enough space to fit a grill, 1 or 2 refrigerators, ice bins, multiple storage areas and more.
Fire Features
Next choose a size: Small wood or gas firepit to warm your seating area. Medium sized custom wood burning fireplace built with stone over patio or open deck. Large sized gas or wood stone faced fireplace feature inside a covered porch.
Next choose a size: Smaller pavilion that provides an area to shade you from the sun or rain. Medium size pavilion with space to lounge, dine and entertain guests around your pool. Add in a custom outdoor grill station or wet bar. Large sized pavilion with space for lounging, dining, entertainment and all added special outdoor features.
Next choose a size: Small flat patio. Medium flat patio with one or two seating areas. Large flat patio with several seating and dining areas.
Screened Or Open Air Porch
Next choose a size: Small porch with room for your family to relax, stay out of the sun and protect yourselves from outdoor elements. Medium sized porch with room for your family/friends and large enough room to add a fireplace. Large screened or open porch with room to entertain, dine, and relax with family and friends. Add a beautiful fireplace and outdoor grill station to make it exactly what you’ve dreamed of.
Next choose a size: Small swimming pool in a smaller private backyard. Medium sized swimming pool with an area to entertain guest, family, and friends. Large custom swimming pool with special features like a waterfall/stone feature, and spa area.
Next choose a size: Small low maintenance deck to relax and entertain. Medium low maintenance deck with an area to entertain as well as an area to dine. Large low maintenance deck with area to entertain, area to dine as well as area for other outdoor features like an outdoor kitchen, bar top area or a pergola.