Creating a Backyard Staycation

Traveling can be challenging, there is so much that goes into it, why not make your backyard a place you don’t want to leave!  There are so many ways to transform your backyard into a space that is like visiting a luxurious resort, and the bonus, you can go there every day.

There are many benefits to upgrading your backyard into your perfect staycation location.  It’s affordable, by putting the money into your house you get many years of enjoyment versus one single trip.  The value you are creating for your house can be huge.  Investing in your outdoor space can help up your resale value.

You are seeing the benefits and you are wondering where to begin.  The first step is thinking about what the space can do for you and how you will use it.  Once you decide what features you want, we can help you make your backyard staycation dream a reality.

A pool can add to your oasis, imagine floating, relaxing in the cool water on a hot day.  There are many pool options available, above ground, in-ground, architectural, infinity pools, recreational, lap pools, natural pools, plunge pools, even saltwater pools.  How you will use your pool will help you decide what type you need.

What other design aspects can fill in your backyard oasis?

Adding a Gazebo, or Pergola can offer much needed shaded area.  It can offer a nice area for conversation away from the activities in the pool.  Placing relaxing, comfortable furniture will help make these areas inviting to you and your guests.  They can also add a little privacy to your space for activities like meditating by the pool.

Adding in an outdoor kitchen and bar area bring all of the comforts to your fingertips.  You can entertain, have a nice relaxing dinner under the stars, or even have a game day on the weekend watching your favorite sports and enjoying the outdoors at the same time.

There are so many options to add to your outdoor space and the options are endless.  Designing the space to suit your family, your needs and your dreams can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin.  Let us help you design your outdoor space and ensure all of the functionally you need is there in the luxurious space you desire.

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