8 Screened-In Porch Ideas for Fall

Do you feel that chill in the air? Fall is here in Northern Virginia and we are more than ready for it! These next few months are perfect for spending as much time as possible enjoying your outdoor living space and we are here to leave you feeling inspired with our enclosed screened-in porch ideas. If you already have a porch area, below you’ll learn some tips on how to decorate it and use it this autumn. 

If you don’t already have a screened-in porch, what are you waiting for? Call us at 703-406-0914 or contact us online to learn more about how we can build a beautiful porch area for your family. 

8 Screened-In Porch Ideas for Fall in Northern VA

You work hard, and now it’s time to sit back and watch your retractable screens go down as you enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Make the most out of your screened-in porch or 3-season room this fall with these fun tips. 

1. Add a Heater

After a long summer, the weather is finally cooling down, which we’re all enjoying. As it starts to get chillier, however, it will eventually become a little too cold to sit comfortably out on your screened porch. 

One of the best ways to extend the use of your porch through the end of the year is to add a heater to the space. You can use a simple space heater for an energy-efficient option, or if you have a large screened-in porch, a propane patio heater can help heat the area quickly. 

2. Set up a Bar Cart

Do you plan on hosting guests this fall? Consider adding a bar cart to your screened-in porch area with all the ingredients to make your favorite fall cocktails or mocktails. 

Once you have all your bar cart essentials, you can decorate it for fall with your favorite seasonal glasses, twinkle lights, fall leaves, etc. 

3. Create a Cozy Setup

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Few things in life are as relaxing as curling up with a good book and taking a nap on a crisp fall day. Make sure your screened-in porch area is set up for all your napping needs. 

If you don’t already have comfortable outdoor furniture in the space, add some along with throw pillows and blankets you can keep out there. You can also put out some lights to help create a cozy ambiance when the sun sets. 

4. Add a Fireplace

Is it about time to give your screened-in porch a refresh? If you’re ready to update your space, consider hiring Sunburst Construction to add a fireplace to your porch area to help you stay warm throughout the fall.  

Fireplaces are not only functional, but they can be an eye-catching centerpiece of your screened-in porch. Once it’s finished, add your favorite fall decor to the mantel to complete the look. 

5. Don’t Forget the Fall Classics

Consider adding Pumpkins to your list of screened-in porch ideas this Fall

No fall screened-in porch is complete without some classic pumpkin decorations. Depending on your design aesthetic, you can keep things neutral with white pumpkins or fully embrace the season with classic orange gourds. 

Get your kids in on the decorating as well, helping them carve or paint a pumpkin for the space. 

6. Decorate Your Space to Maximize the View

One of the best parts of sitting out on your screened-in porch is simply taking the time to enjoy the view outside. As you’re preparing the space for fall, adjust the furniture to help you maximize the view of the changing leaves or other landscape outside. 

Once you have your setup ready, brew a mug of your favorite coffee, step outside, and savor the beauty of the season. 

7. Make It Spooky

Consider adding Halloween decorations to your list of screened-in porch ideas this Fall

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to decorate your screened-in porch for spooky season. Add skeletons, crows, and spider webs to your screened-in porch to create a spooky hangout area the kids will love. 

Complete the vibe with a fresh batch of apple cider and your favorite Halloween playlist. 

8. Watch the Game

Football season is officially here! What better way is there to watch your favorite team than out on your screened-in porch? When planning your porch project, include wiring for a TV so you can set up the big screen for kickoff. 

With game day snacks and your cozy screened-in porch, what else could you need aside from a team win?

Bring Your Screened-In Porch Dreams to Life

We hope these screened-in porch ideas leave you feeling inspired. Whether you need to give your current porch a refresh or you want to create a new outdoor living area for your home, Sunburst Construction can make it happen. To get started, please call 703-406-0914 or contact us online.

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