Utilize Your Deck During Quarantine

With the threat of COVID-19 lurking in our surroundings, people all over the country have been advised to stay indoors and practice social distancing. Various establishments including malls, parks, and other public places have been shut down. While home quarantine can mean an extended time for relaxation and to bond with family at home, people who are used to leading a busy life can find that themselves going stir crazy easily. 

Utilize Your Deck During Quarantine

Springtime is here and it would be such a waste if you only spent it binge-watching Netflix or sleeping all day long. While you can’t spend this season traveling because of quarantine, you can still enjoy it in the safety of your own home — specifically on your deck. 

Your deck is an extension to your living space. If you are tired of spending your day within the four walls of your living room this quarantine, why not go out on your deck and enjoy fresh air. Here are some fun ways to utilize your deck during the quarantine.

  • Have some “me” time
    Quarantine period gives you so much time to do something other than your work. This means it is the best time to pamper yourself or “me” time. If you love reading, then this is a great time to pull out your favorite books you’ve been setting aside. The deck is also a great place for morning meditation or a quick yoga session.  
  • Sleepover
    Make your night extra special and fun by sleeping outside on your deck. Bring out your sleeping bags or set up a tent and start a campfire nearby to roast marshmallows. You can read your kids  stories or watch the stars until you doze off.
  • Enjoy the water
    Who says you can’t flaunt your beach bod while the quarantine is ongoing? Get your inflatable pool and turn your deck into a mini oasis so you can swim your boredom away — yes, with your swimsuit on and on your deck. 
  • Bring spring to your deck
    Spring is never complete without flowers blooming and birds chirping. The best way to bring the spring feel to your deck is by dressing it up with plants. This can be a great way to pass time, plus, this can be really relaxing. 
  • Movie marathon on the deck
    Another fun way to utilize your deck with your family is by turning it into a movie house. Watching movies is a great way to spend time with your family. You just need to have a screen mini projector, popcorn and you’re good to go. You might want to do it at night when the night is dark and the screen is clearer.

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