Choosing the Right Size Pool

There are many decisions you will make when designing your new custom pool, one of the first being how large you want your pool to be. The answer to this will depend on what best fits your lifestyle and how much room you have available. Smaller pools tend to give you more patio space and allow you o fit more features. Larger pools tend to suit people who enjoy being in the water, and they are great for entertaining a large group or if you have a larger family.

How to Choose the Right Size Pool

When you sit down with one of our professionals, we will help you answer this question. In the meantime, listed below are some things to think about to help make that conversation go smoothly.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help determine the best pool size for you:

How Big is Your Backyard?

The size of your backyard is a major factor in determining how big your new swimming pool can be. A smaller backyard can limit you if you want a big pool. You will need space not only for your new pool, but the surrounding deck and any other outdoor living areas you wish to incorporate into your oasis. Our pool and outdoor space expert will help you decide on size and what areas you want incorporated. We will be available to answer any questions or concerns about your backyard.

How Do You Want to Use Your Pool?

Start by imagining the perfect day with your new dream pool. What picture comes to mind? Are you swimming laps? Are you relaxing on a lounge chair, dipping your toes in the water? Are you soaking in a hot tub? How you see the image is important, because this will help our designer get you the outdoor living area to meet your dreams. It tells us what is most important to you and how to ensure that we are designing that space correctly for the use you desire.

How Many People Will Typically Use Your Pool?

In order to gage the size of pool you will use it is good to know how many people will typically be around and using the pool. How many people live in the household and will actually use the pool? How many frequent visitors will you have? Are your children older and have a lot of friends that like to come over? Do you have grandchildren or other relatives that you like spending a lot of time with? Do you like to host parties and want to enjoy sharing your space? All of this is important to think about during the design phase to ensure that you think about all of the outlying factors that will impact your pool use.

At Sunburst Construction, we have the expertise to turn your dream pool and outdoor living space into your reality. We consider every aspect of the design with you, including large-scale decisions such as pool size and down to the smallest details. Call us today for a no obligation consultation.

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