Avoid Doing These Things That Can Ruin Your Deck

Your deck is the perfect outdoor space to have for your home. It extends your home’s living space and let’s the whole family enjoy your backyard more. A deck is a great place to host parties or even just a place to relax with good company. 

Avoid Doing These Things That Can Ruin Your Deck

Unfortunately, there are a lot of common things we do which can unintentionally harm a deck and reduce its lifespan. If you don’t want to deal with a costly deck repair soon, then avoid doing these things that can ruin your deck.

1. Letting wet items sit for too long on your deck

Any metal furniture that gets wet for too long can cause rust. If the wet furniture is left on your deck, the rust can penetrate the decking, stain it, and ruin it. Stains caused by rust are really hard, if not impossible, to remove. To prevent this from happening, put felt pads on the feet of your deck furniture. Consider moving your furniture and deck carpets once in a while too to prevent uneven fading of the decking boards and building up of moisture in the area.

2. Leaving organic debris on your deck

Dried leaves, broken twigs, and others getting into your deck is normal. However, letting them rot in the area is a sure way to ruin your deck. The clumps of decomposing leaves can stick on your decking boards and stain them. Worse is, it could promote mold growth which can decrease the lifespan of your deck. If you have potted plants placed on your deck, consider putting a saucer at the bottom of the planters to collect excess water and soil. 

3. Power washing your deck

You may have used a power washer when cleaning your deck. But did you know that power washers can ruin composite decks? When using a power washer when cleaning your deck, make sure not to use a PSI above 1,100 as it could damage the materials on your deck. The pressure can scratch your deck or cause it to crack, making it more vulnerable against insect infiltration and mold growth. 

4. Using metal shovel on your deck

During winter, snow could pile up on your deck. When removing this snow buildup or cleaning your deck, avoid using harsh cleaning tools such as metal shovels; they can scratch your deck. Instead, use a plastic shovel or a broom and gently remove the snow. Do not shovel it against the direction of the decking boards. And if the snow is not loose and fluffy, use a leaf blower to remove it. 

5. Using chlorine bleach-based cleaner on your deck

Deck stains are such an eyesore, not to mention that they can be hard to remove. You might be tempted to use a chlorine bleach to remove those stubborn stains; which will result in ruining your deck. Chlorine bleach is a very strong compound that can eat away the materials of your deck, making your deck weaker and discolored. When planning to clean your deck, opt for a non-toxic cleaner or those that are sodium percarbonate based.

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