What Exactly Does A Pergola Do for Your Deck?

The deck is one of the areas in the home where homeowners and their guests love to stay. Your outdoor space gives you the perfect place where you can enjoy Mother Nature without leaving the comfort of your home. Because of that, you want your deck to look its best all the time. A pergola can impress your guests and improve the experience of your deck.

What Exactly Does A Pergola Do for Your Deck

Decorating your deck

There are certainly a lot of ways on how you can decorate your deck. You can put furniture to make the space more comfortable. Add an outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy a weekend dinner on your deck with the rest of the family. Or you can also try adding a pergola. A pergola is a common structure for most decks. It’s an exterior structure that is held up by columns and can either be attached to your deck or freestanding. Pergolas are usually square or rectangular in shape, but they can also be made out of interesting shapes. 

For some people, a pergola may look like an incomplete structure since they are built with roof beams and vertical beams without a roof or walls at all. Well, pergolas are designed to be made that way. So, what exactly does a pergola do for your deck? Here are a few things you should know:

  • They create a definite outdoor space
    Your deck is not just an ordinary outdoor space; it can make or break your home’s curb appeal. By adding a pergola, you are putting emphasis on your deck. You are telling your guests that this is your deck; your most prized outdoor space.
  • Create a sense of closure
    A deck may look like an open space where you feel oneness with nature and it’s okay. With a pergola, your deck will have that feeling of being enclosed but without the need to build walls at all.
  • Gives you privacy
    There will be times when you want the deck all for yourself. Because a deck is an open space, it can be a bit hard for you to do it, but with a pergola, you can achieve that. With a pergola, you can add drapes, lattice works or screen to one side of the pergola and it doesn’t feel out of place.
  • It provides sun protection for your deck
    Your deck will be protected from direct sunlight without sacrificing an open-air feeling. Some items on your deck may be vulnerable to direct sunlight and get damaged easily. With a pergola, you can protect your deck and the things inside it while still enjoying the fresh air. 
  • Give additional space for plants
    Adding plants to your deck can be a great idea. It can make your deck look more inviting. With a pergola, you can hang plants from the boards and you can instantly have a gorgeous airy garden! In fact, it is recommended to grow vines on pergolas in order to get the best pergola experience.

Planning on adding a pergola to your deck? Why not?! It’s an easy way to add beauty to your deck without spending much. Plus, it can transform your deck and make it just the perfect place to entertain guests or just unwind after a long, tiring day from work.

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