Tips To Maintain Your Deck During The Winter Season

Winter can be harsh on your home, especially in your outdoor areas such as your deck. During this time, you may refrain from using your outdoor space, but it doesn’t mean that you have to leave it unprotected. When the winter season is gone, you will be able to go spend time outside so don’t let winter damage your deck. One of the common mistakes homeowners make is that they take their decking for granted until the harsh winter weather starts to blow. Before the chill in the air turns into freezing temps, you should do a few things to prepare your deck.

Tips To Maintain Your Deck During The Winter Season

Below are some tips to maintain your deck during the winter season to ensure that it is ready and usable for the next season to come.

Tip #1. Clean it

This is probably the easiest and most efficient way to maintain your deck all year round. This is pretty obvious, but some people ignore it not knowing how cleaning can make a big difference on their decks. Clean your deck thoroughly, including ground-in dirt. It is important that you remove all the remnants of summer and get your deck ready for the chilly season. Use a bleach-free cleaner to protect your wood – it can remove stains but will not discolor the wood at all. 

Tip #2. Apply a protective finish

Apply a water repellent finish to protect your deck. Moisture from ice, snow, and rain can damage your deck and cause the surface to split, crack or warp. Fortunately, you can apply a stain or finish that will not only provide your deck with an extra layer of protection but also make your deck look fantastic. 

Tip #3. Remove the snow

As soon as the snow stops, go out and remove the snow from your deck. If you don’t, it can weigh down your deck. Worse, if your deck is not treated, once the snow melts, it will be absorbed by the deck which will make the wood expand, crack or split. When removing snow, avoid aggressive movement. You can just push the snow with planks in order to avoid scarring the wood.

Tip #4. Inspect for any damage

Now that your deck is all cleaned and ready for the winter, take a closer look at your deck. Check to see if there is any damage to the railings and support. If there are, have it repaired before the winter season arrives and makes it worse which can lead to costly repairs.

Winter can expose your deck to a lot of potential harm that is why; this is the time when you need to give your deck some attention to keep it in its excellent condition. Follow these winter tips and your deck will be ready for some outdoor entertaining and parties when the next season rolls in.

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