Maximizing a Small Patio Space

We are halfway through summer but there’s still a lot of time to enjoy the warm weather on the patio. Some would love to spend their summer time getting a tan at the beach, while some would prefer to lounge on the patio, enjoy the peace and quiet of the outdoors and read a book.  If you have a small patio, then you have come to the right article as we have prepared some tips to help you maximize your small patio space.

Maximizing a Small Patio Space

Add hidden storage

You may have heard about hidden storage or double duty items in an outdoor space before — a bench serving as a seat and a storage space at the same time. Or outdoor ottomans which you can open and store other items like books, flashlights, blankets, and others. The best way to maximize a small space is to make everything as functional as it can. 

Go vertical

The rule of the thumb when decorating a small space is to go vertical; with this, you can never go wrong as it will draw the eyes upward. Adding furniture that is small yet bulky will only make the space look smaller; instead, add a slim bench or cabinet that is also tall enough to provide additional space below or above it for your books or plant collection. 

Add lighting

Consider adding string lighting or lanterns to brighten up your space. Light will add plenty of brightness to the evening and even add a romantic touch. There are many different forms of outdoor lighting that can be used to create ambience outdoors. 

Use bright colors

Dark colors will cast shadows on the other areas of the patio making it gloomy and smaller. So if you want to make your small patio look bigger and spacious, incorporate bright colors in it. You might consider putting throw pillows on the bench in a mix of pastel colors or adding an outdoor rug in bright hues to make the perimeter more spacious. When choosing colors, make sure that it isn’t too bright to hurt the eyes and must match with your patio decor too. 

Consider open sight lines

Another rule to remember when maximizing a small patio space is to make your line of sight as open as possible. Avoid enclosing the area as it will make the space smaller. Keeping the area across the bench will keep the line of sight uninterrupted thus making your patio visually spacious. 

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