Everything You Need to Know for Your Trex Decking Installation

Porch Trex Decking Installation Sunburst Construction

When it comes to high-value home upgrades, it’s hard to beat building a deck. In fact, 90% of Americans say that an outdoor living space is more valuable than ever. If you’ve been planning to upgrade your space with a high-quality Trex decking installation project, there’s never been a better time to do it. 

Before your project begins, we want to help you be prepared. Continue reading to learn what you need to know before your Trex installation. 

All of the Important Decisions Will Be Made Beforehand

Here at Sunburst Construction, we know that home improvement projects can be overwhelming. That’s why we aim to keep the actual project as easy for you as possible. Before we come out to your home to start installing your deck, we’ll make all the big decisions together beforehand. 

During our initial consultation and planning meetings, we’ll help you decide on the size and shape of your Trex deck. We’ll have you make all of the design decisions at that time as well, such as choosing colors and railing options. Finally, all of the permitting will be done prior to the start of your installation, so we won’t run into any issues later.

With all of the important decisions out of the way, the actual installation project will be low-stress for you as you sit back, relax, and let us do our thing. 

Preparing Your Yard

The day before your installation begins, we recommend removing any debris or objects from your yard. This will make it easier for our team to access your space during the installation. Once we arrive, we’ll prep the soil and level out the area for the deck, to ensure there are no obstructions that will interfere with the build. 

Setting up the Frame

Once your backyard is prepped, we’ll install deck posts and beams so we can build the deck frame. We’ll attach joists to the beams, then begin to install the Trex boards in the color and design you selected. 

One of the many reasons we love Trex decking is because we can use hidden deck fasteners to install the boards, giving the deck a sleek, clean look that homeowners love. During the installation process, our decking professionals will check to make sure that everything is safe and sturdy every step of the way. 

Installing the Railing and Final Review

Once the boards are in place, the final step is to install the custom Trex railings, making your deck a safe area for every member of the family. At this point, our team will give everything a final review to make sure things look good, both aesthetically and from a safety standpoint. 

Next, we’ll bring you out so you can take a look at it for yourself! This is your chance to ask us any questions about the deck and review our work. If you’re not completely satisfied with the job, then we’ll listen to your feedback and make it right. 

Once everything looks good, we’ll clean up after ourselves, leaving your backyard and new deck looking immaculate so you can begin enjoying your outdoor living area. 

Trust Sunburst Construction for Your Trex Decking Installation

When you’re ready to transform your backyard, the Sunburst Construction team is here for you. We’ll walk you through the Trex decking installation process every step of the way, answering your questions and helping you plan the backyard of your dreams with professionalism and kindness. 

When you’re ready to get started on your decking project, contact our team for a free estimate!

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